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Fixtures and Gauges

Designing and manufacturing fixtures and gauges are a big part of what we do here at B&B Machine Inc. Pictured below are some examples of fixtures and gauges we designed, certified, and built in house. The examples shown here were designed and built for companies in the Automotive Industry, but we also design and build fixtures and gauges for companies in the Appliance Industry as well as other industries.


Our Services

B&B Machine Services

From build-to-print to concept, design, model, draw, build, inspect, certify, install and run off, B&B Machine can do it all.
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Our Equipment

B&B Machine Equipment

B&B's commitment to quality is demonstrated by investments in state-of-the-art equipment as is required to do the job right. 
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Our Facilities

B&B Machine Facilities

Fulfilling the needs of both small businesses and fortune 500 companies from our facilities in Springfield, TN.
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